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The 11 Forgotten Laws by Moses Isaac

“The 11 Forgotten Laws That Make The Law of Attraction An Unbreakable Force”
Bob Proctor – one of the key figures in “The Secret”- believes that the Law of Attraction is incomplete, and for the first time reveals the 11 Forgotten Laws that will finally uncover the Law’s true potential.

My Dear Friend:

Let’s face it: The current global recession does not seem to be recovering very fast.

Yet, didn’t the movie The Secret offer such hope three years ago? It seemed like a bright future that with millions of new converts to the Law of Attraction, a new era of prosperity and abundance will be ushered in.

Perhaps you are one of them.

You faithfully followed each and every one of the 3 steps. Yet the results you “attracted” were dismal at best. If you have any doubt about that…

Just look at the wreckage around you
The financial system has collapsed. More and more major banks are dropping like flies. The feds seem to be running around like headless chickens.

And to make things worse…

You’re the one who’s paying the price
CNN published an article October 7th reporting that 8/10 Americans are stressed out by all these happenings. This year alone, 760,000 jobs will be lost. And that’s just the pre-bailout statistics.

Furthermore, even if you’re prudently saving, your 401K plan is going up in smoke. On top of that, inflation rates are soaring.

The question you could be having in your mind is:

You see, there are many well-intended people in the industry, but unfortunately, they do not fully understand the Law of Attraction.

Without even realizing it, they teach you only one small part of the truth, but they make it sound like the whole truth. The unfortunate side effect of this is that when students from these teachers find little success, they turn away as disbelievers to the Law.

Were you one of them?

Please remember this point, if you get half-truths, you will only get half the benefits. Or worst, you might get NO results at all!

And that’s just for starters.

If you’re in good economic times, it’s all fine and dandy. You might be a little disappointed, but you’re able to get by.

But once times are bad like now, even getting by is now impossible. Your stocks are going down. The US government does not seem to know what they’re doing. Inflation is going up.

And worst…

Your invested time, money, and even hope has dwindled away.

At this point, you really need something that works. You don’t want any more pop culture fluff. You want a technique that will genuinely help you as opposed to hindering you.

In other words, you need a miracle. You need that magic pill that can pull you out of these hard times and recession-proof your wallet.

You want to be a cut above your peers and rise up in your career as opposed to fearing for your job.

You want salvation.

And here’s the good news—and I’ve never been more serious than right now.

You need the Law of Attraction more than ever.

However, here’s the hidden part of the equation.

After studying Holliwell’s book, I realized—to my utter surprise—that there are actually an additional 11 other Laws.

Things like the Law of Forgiveness… Which contains a mental trick that transforms debt into abundance—nearly overnight. It’s almost like turning water into wine.

Or the incredible Law of Increase, where you’ll discover the shortest route to tap into higher consciousness and pinpoint accurate answers for all your most pressing questions.

And then there were new breakthrough teachings of the Law of Attraction never taught before. For example, did you know that in order to exponentially amplify your odds in successfully attracting the things you want, you need to be in a highly specific mental state? And all it takes is just one small subtle tweak.

Here’s the simple truth…

The problem wasn’t that the Law of Attraction was deficient, it was because it was incomplete!

So here’s my point…

You Are Just Moments Away from Discovering the 11 Forgotten Laws that Makes the Law of Attraction an Unbreakable Force…
With headlines like “How Scared Should You Be?” and “The Second Great Depression” screaming from the news-stands, I don’t blame you if you do feel a tiny bit intimidated.

But what if I tell you that it doesn’t matter if you have made grave financial mistakes—how the crisis seems to be affecting you a lot worse than it should… How worried you are about what the future holds… If your job or business is at stake… Or even how faithfully you tried using the Law of Attraction and yet the results seem DISMAL at best.

Here’s the thing—I believe that the Law of Attraction is working at a pathetic 8% of its immense potential for you—simply because the rest of the world did not tell you about the 11 other laws.

And what they didn’t tell you has cost you dearly!

You see…

Because you don’t know the other laws, you’re faltering at every little challenge—instead of magically transforming every stumbling block to greater and greater success. With just a mental tweak your obstacles instantly become opportunities.

Because you don’t know the other laws, you can’t seem to break away from that dead-end job and live a recession-proof life. Instead, you are just a technique away from breaking the chains of mediocrity and becoming excellent in everything you do.

Because you don’t know the other laws, you can’t seem to get past this awful reality of taxpayer-funded bailouts and shriveling 401 k plans—yet you have the ability within you to soar like an eagle and live the rich abundant life you deserve.

Here’s the important point…

Now… For the First Time Ever… These 11 Laws Are Yours…

Moses Isaac
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